Early childhood education is crucial to overall academic success. Our teachers promote the development of physical, social, emotional and intellectual skills. Learning is interactive and hands-on, lived through experiences, but most of all fun.  We foster independence by teaching children life skills they will need later on.

Intellectual: An enormous amount of learning happens during these early years. Rich language and stories in our K2 and K3 classes lead to a more developed vocabulary and eventually recognition of shapes and letters in print. In K4 we explore letter sounds, blends and begin the process of writing. These skills create the foundation in kindergarten that allows our students to advance to 1st grade reading and writing. Mathematical concepts are also explored beginning at an early age with shapes colors, number and eventually addition and subtraction.

  • Our preschool philosophy and curriculum focus on developing each child as a unique individual who learns and progresses at their own pace.
  • Our curriculum is specifically designed to meet the needs and interests of the children at their individual levels of maturity.
  • There is a balance between free choice and structure, quiet and active play, individual and community time, and inside and outside activities.
  • Learning Centers encourage decision making, involvement, individual exploration and expression, and focus on providing our students with a natural learning environment.
  • English instruction is done through games, songs, play and daily conversation.
  • The faculty and curriculum both focus on teaching our students to foster positive social relationships.
  • Students learn to share, problem solve, and demonstrate good manners.
  • Small class size ensures individual attention.