The campus of Granada International School is situated on 3 manzanas (7.4 acres) of land just on the outskirts of Granada, 250 meters west of The Jockey Club.  The campus consists of an administration office, a preschool facility, an all-purpose building and primary school classes.  

The preschool facility consists of preschool classes for children 2-4 years of age and a kindergarten class for our 5 year olds. There is a large central room used by all classes which focuses on learning centers. The preschool and kinder children also have their own age appropriate playground as well as seating outside for outdoor activities.




The all-purpose building acts as both our cafeteria and activities center.  There is indoor and outdoor seating for the cafeteria. During our elective class hours, the room is used for dance, yoga and martial arts. We also use the room for the monthly PTO meetings, our annual science fair and many other school related activities.



The primary classrooms are large with an abundance of natural light and windows to allow the cool lake breezes. Each classroom is a reflection of the teacher.  Beautiful murals cover the walls and bulletin boards are filled with fun learning tools. All classrooms are designed with a collaborative learning concept in mind with round tables or small tables that can be arranged together when needed.




Our extensive library is a wonderful place for the students to gather.  Cozy reading zones and comfortable study areas make the library a popular place. We also have a large playground area with volleyball, tether ball, a climbing wall, swings and much more. The area is appropriate for all of our primary students and is a place for them to learn sportsmanship and sharing.