About Us

Our Mission

Granada International School aims to engage each student in a creative, experiential, and bilingual learning environment to uncover the maximum intellectual, artistic, and physical potential of each student. Our objective is to develop a lifelong love of learning and create a strong foundation for future academic achievement. This experience is conducted in an innovative environment that values independent thinking, community responsibility, a strong sense of inner discipline, the ability to embrace life’s challenges with confidence, and a willingness to explore cultural differences with an open mind.

Our Philosophy

Granada International School strives to promote a love of learning in an atmosphere where individual students are encouraged to explore their world through the arts, language, scientific adventure, and physical challenges. We nurture the whole person— mind, body, and spirit— to build a community that teaches ethical values and where treating others with respect and kindness is the standard.

Granada International School aims for educational advancement through primary creative exploration of the arts and sciences. We emphasize experiential learning and concrete activities to engage a child’s natural curiosity. By doing so, we hope to cultivate that curiosity into a driving force that will guide each student to their desired future.

Granada International School genuinely seeks to be a diverse community of learners and aspires to prepare students for the academic rigors of a competitive high school and university, to develop a strong sense of inner confidence and conviction, and the desire to lead creative and purposeful lives.

Our Director

Lauren White is the director at Granada International School.

Ms. Lauren has been with Granada International School for almost 6 years.  She studied languages at the University of California Santa Cruz, with a specialty in Italian. She finished her degree online with the University of Phoenix. She came to Nicaragua after  finishing her studies and discovered her passion for teaching while teaching in a public school in Tepeyac. She returned to the United States and obtained her certification in Early Childhood Education. Her focus is in Whole Brain Teaching and improving student engagement.



 Our Team

Granada International School is a small, community school by design. Our classes are capped at 16 students to maintain a close student to teacher ratio and assure individualized attention. We strive to help each child be the very best possible version of him or herself. We understand that we are as much cheerleaders as we are instructors. Each student needs to feel they are a valuable member of the GIS community. We want to allow each student to grow, mature, and learn in an environment that prizes intellectual curiosity, encourages creative exploration and critical thinking, and is founded upon mutual respect and responsibility.