Kindergarten Program

Granada International School perceives Kindergarten as an essential component of each child’s education.  During these early years, children create a foundation that provides them with the skills and knowledge they will need to find success when they enter primary school.  Thanks to a dedicated faculty and a child-focused curriculum, GIS’s students enter First Grade with strong pre-reading skills, rich vocabulary in both English and Spanish, and solid basic math skills.  Perhaps more importantly, by actively promoting and encouraging each child’s preschool learning, GIS  builds each child’s self-esteem and fosters a healthy attitude towards learning.  Our ultimate goal is to nurture and grow each child’s natural intellectual curiosity into that of an eager life-long learner.

Our Kindergarten program hinges on the fact that believe for the young child, the whole world is new and mysterious, and at times confusing.  Young children can easily mistake morning recess time for dismissal, Saturdays for schooldays, and teachers for parents.  Our Kindergarten program helps children understand the world by providing predictability through rhythmRhythm in this instance is about the gentle repetition of everyday activities.  It is through rhythm that children come to know that there is order and security in the world.

The learning that takes place in the Kindergarten forms the foundation of a child’s education.  This learning occurs most successfully when it is experiential.  The active nature of young children impels them toward participation and imitation.

Childhood is a most precious resource, and yet, in this day and age it is rare that an educational program allows children to be children.  In our culture and in most of our schools we are accelerating maturation and urging children to be old before their time.

The Kindergarten philosophy and curriculum are designed to provide a strong academic program with a balance of play, discovery, manipulation, and participation where active and passive activities are alternated.

The verbal acquisition of English will be included through songs, games, daily conversation, and part of their routine instruction.

A variety of activities will address the specific developmental needs of each child.

  • Small class size assures individual attention.


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