Second Grade

(7 years)

In our class we try to have a fun, respectful and positive environment. We stick to the golden rule “Respect towards each other”. All the students have the responsibility to help and support others when they are struggling to understand or in completing activities that are more difficult for others. We learn through hands on learning activities, doing a lot of craft things in science and social studies, and through structured and consistent practice everyday, but most of all through an engaging atmosphere between students and their teachers. 


team member

Guillermo Corea

Second Grade Lead Teacher
Mr. Guillermo is a Nicaraguan teacher from Granada with a degree in Systems Engineering. He joined our team in 2015 as the second grade teacher. Mr. Guillermo has worked with highly disadvantaged children at Education Plus and truly understands the importance of quality education in a child’s life.  He has also taught children English in the community of San Blas in Masaya.  Mr. Guillermo has a love for music and playing the guitar, which he shares with his students.  Mr. Guillermo comments that he has a passion for education that grows daily, and he truly values his role in guiding children to the best people they can be.