Granada International School

Nurturing Creativity.  Exploring the World.

Cultivating Minds.  Preparing for the Future.

Nurturing Creativity…Exploring the World…Cultivating Minds…Preparing for the Future…

Granada International School is the only fully

bilingual Spanish-English school in Granada

and provides an exceptional education for our students. Our 50:50 dual language program ensures that the majority of our students are adept at both languages by the time they reach fourth grade.

Fluency in a second language better prepares students to participate in our global community, to meet the exciting challenges of society, and to develop a more acute cultural awareness.

With a diverse student body, our students develop an understanding of the perspectives of children from different backgrounds and learn to function in a multicultural, multiethnic environment.

Our sole concern is for the intellectual, physical, and social development of our students and the community that supports them. We work to build and maintain a strong home/ school relationship with frequent communication, opportunities to participate in your child’s school day or volunteer your time and expertise, and engaging family events. By embracing our school mission, you and your family can be part of this enlightening and truly exciting educational experience.

The Granada International School  is in need of your support  to keep our doors open to our scholarship students.

Please consider supporting the education they need to change their lives and that of their families.