Fourth Grade

(9 years)

The Fourth Graders day is traditionally organized to include science, social studies, reading, math, art, music, and physical education, yet we continue to stress a hands-on, concrete approach, individual observation and discovery, and the use of original or personally created materials. The Encore Math as well as the NYSED common core program for math are used in the classroom. We also use the NYSED program for our English Language Arts program.


team member

Margarita Arney

Fourth Grade Lead Teacher
Margarita Arney graduated from Xavier University in Cincinnati Ohio with bachelor degrees in Spanish and History.  She also studied in the UCA in Managua for a semester in the departments of Sociology and Social Work.  After graduating from college she worked in an ecological hotel in La Concepción, Masaya where she learned about ecological sustainability.  Afterwards Ms. Margarita worked in Estelí with an organization called Global Glimpse that gives high school aged students from the US the opportunity to travel to Nicaragua and reflect on what it means to be a global citizen.  This is Ms. Margaritas second year at Granada International School and she loves being a part of a community that works hard to give the students a well-rounded education. To contact Ms. Margarita please email her at [email protected]