Sacuanjoche International School has long term goals to elicit great change in a small city and hopefully in the country through education.  However, the school has already effected a discernible change in the local community.  In our first year alone, seven new families moved to Granada because a bilingual school with a strong academic foundation was available here for their children.  Five of these families opened businesses here and two are dedicating their time to volunteer work in the barrios.  If Sacuanjoche had not been here these families would have chosen a town with better options for their families.

The influx of new families generates a stronger economy.  These families buy or rent homes, purchase goods, employ locals, start new businesses, contribute hours to volunteer projects and help Granada grow and strengthen.

We understand our position within the community as an entity to facilitate change within the community and specifically in the lives of our students.  Our Scholarship Program is already seeing a huge affect in the students and the families involved. Children are getting a great education, learning about and experiencing different cultures and building friendships that will last a life time.