Why Granada International School?

Granada International School is a small, community school by design. Our classes are capped at 16 students to maintain a close student to teacher ratio and assure individualized attention. We strive to help each child be the very best possible version of him or herself. We understand that we are as much cheerleaders as we are instructors. Each student needs to feel they are a valuable member of the GIS community. We want to allow each student to grow, mature, and learn in an environment that prizes intellectual curiosity, encourages creative exploration and critical thinking, and is founded upon mutual respect and responsibility.

Academic Excellence

Granada International School’s curriculum is designed to incorporate the strongest and most successful programs from around the world with the aim of creating classes that speak to a child’s intellect and curiosity. This is a school that seeks not only to provide children with the tools, methods and strategies necessary for the acquisition of learning but also to engender in each student a sense of wonder, an insatiable curiosity, and a deep appreciation for the ideas, emotions and values expressed through the rich curriculum and community relationships.

Nurturing Ethos

Since our inception, we have been committed to the intellectual, physical, and social development of each student and to the education of the whole person. The peaceful rhythm of the day, the soft, home-like environment of each classroom, the shared responsibility of caring for the space, the use of natural materials, an emphasis on experiential learning activities, and individually defined pacing will always define the GIS learning experience. We maintain the same energy, approach, and rhythm in all grades and in all classes.

Parents as Partners

At Granada International School we understand that parental involvement is requisite to our students’ success. We consider parents and families as our partners in our efforts to educate each child intellectually, physically, and socially. We require all of our families to perform at least 20 service hours per year. We offer a myriad of opportunities for families to become involved and rely upon that involvement to facilitate field trips, class activities, celebration of festival days and holidays. We encourage parents to engage in a meaningful way that speaks to their strengths and interests and in so doing enriches our children’s school experience.

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Charitable Gift Cards

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