Fifth Grade

(10 years)

In fifth grade students will continue to improve basic writing skills including proper punctuation, accurate spelling and correct use of contractions. Our goal for math is to review and reinforce what they learned in fourth grade and learn how to apply a variety of problem solving strategies and explain answers verbally, pictorially and in writing. We will also use statistics and graphs to answer mathematical questions. Finally, we will understand exponents and prime numbers, as well as further explore decimals, percent’s and fractions. In science, we will study matter in its many forms and geological changes in the Earth. In social studies we will learn about the Americas as well other countries and customs. The students work in a collaborative setting and learn how to work together in teams as well as individually. 



team member

Manuel Lacayo

Fifth Grade Lead Teacher
Mr. Manuel is from Granada, Nicaragua.  With over ten years of experience in bilingual classrooms, Mr. Manuel brings a richness of education and experience to share with us.  His energy and dedication to Nicaragua and to education can only augment our programs and curriculum.  Mr. Manuel completed his undergraduate degree in Business at UPOLI in Managua and has been honing his skills as a bilingual primary school teacher since 2003.  Aside from teaching fifth grade, Mr. Manuel runs the English Program at the school.  In his free time Mr. Manuel enjoys reading books, watching TV, spending time with family and editing books.  Mr. Manuel is married and has two children. 

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Go Green with our Reusable Grocery Bags

  Granada International School has joined up with CENICA, the Nicaraguan conservation group, to help rid Granada of plastic bags. CENICA, along with our 5th and 6th grades students, are going door to door to ask businesses to boycott plastic bags and plastic straws.  To give the consumers options, we have created these reusable bags that can be used instead of plastic. Our plans are to sell the bags in front of the grocery stores as well as is a variety of locations. Each bag is $5 and is made of a heavy fabric that will withstand the test of time.  If you would like to support this project and order our bags, please click below.