Although we knew Granada was ready for a great bilingual school, we were taken by surprise by how fast we grew in a short period of time.  After our second year, we went in search of a new location for our school and found the perfect place we could call home for a few years.  Located only a few blocks from the center of town, our new home allows us to explore the oldest Colonial city in the Americas and learn about the culture and history of Granada.  The teachers have made the space colorful, welcoming and a fabulous center for learning.


Each classroom is a reflection of the teacher.  Beautiful murals cover the walls and bulletin boards are filled with fun learning tools. Our library is a cozy space to curl up with a book and enjoy some quiet time.  The covered patio lends itself to picnic style dining as well as a wonderful place for art classes.


We are still searching for the future home of Granada International School’s Primary, Middle, and High school campus.  We can see all of our students hurrying between classes, sitting beneath the trees reading, the laughter and activity of the Pre-School, and the pristine athletic fields and glimmering swimming pool all beckon to us to strive and reach for that future.


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