First Grade

(6 years)

In first grade, the students learn what it means to be in primary school. This, of course, includes some songs, games and coloring, but it also means how to behave like a “big kid”. Partner time with the higher grades is an important part of the year and helps the first graders observe older students while gaining knowledge and skills one on one. Though gradual, a greater emphasis is placed on writing and reading so that the students may see, write and understand on a higher level than in kindergarten. Students are encouraged to work in pairs or small groups more often to understand what it means to share work and resolve more complex situations. In mathematics, science and social studies, students learn more about the world around them and how this world relates to them as individuals, in their own families and communities.



team member

Rebecca Carruba

First Grade Lead Teacher
Mrs. Rebecca received her B.A. from the State University of New York at Stony Brook in May of 2015. Having studied Spanish, she is excited to be working in an environment that encourages its students to better their language skills and develop new ones. Her heart for teaching began in high school when she traveled to Guatemala to volunteer as a teacher. Upon her return to the U.S., she  began tutoring disadvantaged children in her hometown and continued the work into the start of her university years. She was drawn to Nicaragua by her then-fiancée/now-husband and moved to Granada in September of 2016.  She hopes to make the vibrant community her own.