Granada International School views Kindergarten as an essential step both socially and intellectually in preparation for primary school. This is the time to create strong foundation to provide students with the confidence and curiosity along with skills and knowledge they will need when more formal schooling begins. We aim to provide our Kindergarten students with the freedom to explore their world and individual curiosity balanced with the necessary instruction to prepare for the First Grade. During this year, students will focus on their introduction to reading and mathematical problem solving along with an emphasis on the arts and community responsibility. Equally important to the academic efforts during Kindergarten is actively promoting and encouraging each student’s individual learning pace and interests. GIS builds each child’s self-esteem and fosters a healthy attitude towards learning. Our ultimate goal is to make each young child an eager, life-long learner.




  • The Kindergarten philosophy and curriculum are designed to provide a strong academic program with a balance of play, discovery, manipulation, and participation where active and passive activities are alternated.
  • A variety of activities will address the specific developmental needs of each child.
  • Small class size assures individual attention.
  • English will be included through songs, games, daily conversation, and part of their routine instruction.



To see the Kindergarten daily schedule, please follow this link. Kindergarten Class Schedule 2016-2017

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Wendy Santeliz

Kindergarten (K5) Lead Teacher